We're your off-site design house.

what we do...

As a business owner, you know your customers. We help expand your customer base and help build better relationships with them. 

Whether you have your own marketing team or are needing help in this area, our clients have come to rely on a unique partnership with us, marrying their company’s vision with our creative design, branding, presentation and execution.

what you want...


Your message communicated to your market with an artist’s aesthetic. 

As a successful visual artist, Thornhill offers creative insight that is rare in the graphic design industry. 

We can tell you why the logo needs to be exactly that size. 


Great products sell themselves. However, you have to be consistently seen, recognized and understood by your market to make an impact. 

We take a systematic approach; testing, measuring and adjusting. Doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. 

It’s really not that difficult. 


I’ve been professionally designing since I was 12, hand-cutting color separations for the printing industry with a razor blade. 

Precision, precise and accurate results is what you’ll get. No extra charge. It’s just how we do it. 


My dad sold used cars and Amway.

According to him, marketing is making you want something and making you think it was your idea. And he's right.

But marketing should also be measurable, tested, adjusted and consistently fine-tuned.

We create marketing campaigns on purpose, for a reason, focusing on what works all along the way.


We love showing our work! 

We have over 40 years of professional design work. What would you like to see?

Each client is different and has very specific needs. So, it’s way more helpful if a presentation includes work relevant to your unique situation.

We’d love to discuss your specific needs and custom tailor a proposal which addresses exactly that.


A phone call is truly the best way to determine if we're a good fit for you.

Terrell Thornhill
Owner, Creative Director

THE STUDIO: 615.336.7275